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A platform for local writers…

In only its first week this website has had over 1,600 views. That reflects a healthy appetite for creative writing and shows that there is a genuine audience out there for all the writers who generously submitted their work. We’re delighted with this response and hope that the event on Friday and our continued promotion of the project will bring even more attention to your wonderful stories and poems.

Did you know that if you ‘like’ someone’s piece on this website it will direct more people towards it? The list of titles on the ‘Jump In’ page includes the 10 pages with the most likes.

Launch of the Until Only the Mountain Remains Website

We’re delighted to launch this website featuring many of the wonderful stories and poems submitted to the Gallery during the course of Christopher Orr: The Beguiled Eye. Thank you to all those of you who submitted your creative work.

You can use this website to simply read short stories and poems – enjoying them as autonomous things. Or, you can read about the exhibition and see selected images in order to understand where the ideas derived from.