Leisureland Reviews

By Ian Richardson

Criticizing Lack of Workers

XXXX 14/18 recommended / English / other / single / December 31 2014

I arrived at Camp Orr Leisureland Wild rather late, which may account for most of the facilities being closed and the, rather noticeable, lack of workers. One criticism is that no one seemed to be sure who was in charge of this sprawling mountainous complex but there was much to draw from the glowing darkness’s. I was constantly beguiled by the threatening geography and taken in by the magical outbreaks of Euclidian geometry. Inventive composition, expressive drawing and coloring are all handled with grace and greatness. J.R. Elder


Evaluating Luminous Northern Landscapes

XXXXX 15/18 winter holiday / translated / other / single / 30 November 2014

I know we’ve suffered through recent conflicts but Flat Calm or Pleasureland World was a significant oasis… very, very quiet and very peaceful. Calm to the null point of silence in cool platonic caves and pleasurably peaceful among brilliantly Northern landscapes. Roger and Clive


Analyze a Pleasant Surprise

XXXXX 15/18 formal recommendation by a friend / visitor /other / other / November.

We were pleasantly surprised that there were no loud, drunken idiots around Fat Camper Lazy Landward. To be honest we were expecting some of that because we were on a reduced deal. As it turned out we were two of only a few tranquil and placid people that we encountered face to face in this uncannily close community. Kakuzo and Tenshin.


Interpreting Magical Geometry

XXXXXX 18/18 passer by / family / other / couple / married / November 24 2014

At Bat Camp Lizard-Land Mall we got talking to a swell couple from Bloomsbury who were most helpful. Clive showed us some neat things and made us real comfortable here.

Gosh dang it to heck, we had a keen time with them! Roger did give us directions to the Centre but, to be honest, we were never able to find it. This didn’t really matter as both of us were raised out on farms. We’re used to making do with what ever is around… necessity being the Mother of Invention… as they say. And what could be more inspiring than an endless, naturalistic, paradise. Art is about the world in which it emerged. Doctor Mentor and Jacqueline Hyde.


Judgment… you’d better move on

X 0/18 other / translated / other / other / other / other / no date entered

Flat Damp Unpleasantly Curled is a Youkai haunted no mans land’ filled with thin post-modern allusions and dusty marvels. The al fresco modifications are basic, like all wild camping – if you don’t like your chosen site…and we didn’t… move on to a new one. Anon.



XXXXXX 17/18 previous visitor / single / other / January 2015

There are many absorbing objects and staggering vistas at Camp Please Yourself Man but these are not mere pictures… they are events. At dawn I stood outside in the rain beneath a sky flushed with fire. Among muddled trees, the foggy flames ignited radiance in my happy heart as the animals and birds flew up and fluttered into a supernatural sky.

My initial negative impression has changed. Here at the boundaries there be magic!

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