Future Perfect

By Susan Blades 

We will have seen the saviours before they arrive.

Shirt-sleeves bearing models of doom,

Now shrouded in mystery, before long

They will materialise in the past.


The memories of brick dust,

scorched bone and gas will be supplanted by

wonders. All possibility will tremble

on the moment.


Rejoice. Hail the anticipated new country.

We deserve this future.

A glamour entices us through the

Murk of the coming dawn.


Entranced with the new,

Chaos from order from chaos.

Bring it. The phoenix drawing song

From bird-silence.


Yesterday’s bomb-blasted bodies buried

By the landslide of invention.

We are charmed into the unknown.

Flux, grind, whirl and the return of time.


All this glimpsed in the smoke.

Let the dust settle, but we cannot wait.

Lured we are by the wooing

Twilight geometry into imagined certainty.


The shades of the future enthral

And invite us. We will step up

And over now, towards then,

Dust at our heels.


Show us O Saviours we cry,

Lead us back, to the light.

Now and forever,

World without end.

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