Birds with Landscape

By Gordon Kennedy


there is no other way.

what is, is otherwise


than what is not.

the room, the cabinet


your words, which have

no meaning here


we are removing

birds from landscape


till the landscape only

shall remain


until the field of view

is landscape only


in our world

there is no sound


the noise proceeds

from outside, where


a gate has opened

& then quickly closed


a whirr of wings or

celluloid, as motion


pictures image:

flickering, as film


feathers shutter

& lisps to a halt


then slowly winds

into reverse


the scene identical



with itself

impossible as daylight


we are placing birds

onto the landscape


till the landscape

is a single wing


until the field of view

is flight alone


our task is always now.

it has no end in time


& it has not begun.

your observation is


conditional: your lives

of no concern

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