The event on Friday 6 February

The evening event on 6 February was fabulous – and we apologise for the delay in posting something about it! The 21 writers involved were incredible and we were overwhelmed by the standard of each short reading / performance. Since the event the Edinburgh Creative Review published a review and summary of the evening, which you can read by following the link below:

A review and summary of the evening event

For those who missed the event you can read the stories on this site. The programme consisted of…


Jane S. F. Angel – Only the Mountain

Beth Cochrane – Tides of Vision

J. C. Robertson – In This World

Daniel Shand – An Experiment

Joan Lennon – Darkness Visible

Russell Jones – A Bag of Eyes

Petra Reid – Instructions to The Artist – Silent One

Alexandra Gushurst-Moore – Wen on Orr

Nancy Somerville – Heading for Imminent

Brian Bourner – Mountaineering


Marianne MacRae – Watchers

Carol Farrelly – The Silent One

Jane McKie – We Can’t Escape The Fact That We’re Not Enough For Each Other

Simon Marshall – The Frontier Inside

LesleyMay Miller – The Fault is in Ourselves

Aileen Robinson – What a Human Body is Made Of

Allyson Stack – The Crossing

Marjorie Lotfi Gill – Taking Shape

Dilys Rose – Fugue

Esteban Moreaux – The Beguiled

David Simpson – The End


Kate Temple – The Beguiled Eye

Sara-Mae Tuson – Workaholic

Ian Richardson – Leisureland Reviews

Kathrine Sowerby – Take off Your Shoes

Jane Gardner – Until Only the Mountain Remains (an acrostic)






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